the Rocket League

Rock­et League is an incred­i­bly pop­u­lar online game which puts play­ers behind the wheels of high-pow­ered vehi­cles as they attempt to play games like soc­cer, bas­ket­ball, and hock­ey. The game is as sim­ple as try­ing to hit the rock­et league ball into the goal, but it can take a great deal of time to mas­ter. By the time you fig­ure out how the game real­ly works, you’ll have the Rock­et League song stuck in your head and you’ll have the best car wait­ing in your garage every time you play.

Rocket League Basics

The basics of Rock­et League are sim­ple. You pick a vehi­cle and find your­self in a large field. Depend­ing on the mode, you’ll crash your car into either a large ball or into a hock­ey puck. All you have to do is get the object into a goal, all while dodg­ing the oth­er cars and try­ing to fol­low your track­er so that you can keep track of where the ball or puck bounces. It’s soc­cer or hock­ey with vehi­cles, and it’s exact­ly as much fun as it sounds.


Play­ers have sev­er­al options as they work their way up the Rock­et League ranks. They can play com­pet­i­tive games against the com­put­er or oth­er play­ers, choos­ing between casu­al or ranked play. There is plen­ty to unlock in the game, of course, with the bat­tle pass allow­ing access to more cars, pen­dants, and acces­sories all the time. All of this is option­al, though, as all cars per­form the same way. This is one game where skill trumps every­thing else, allow­ing those who put in the most time to learn the game to beat those who spend the most money.

4 Rocket League Cars flying to the ball
Rock­et League Teas­er Picture

Whereever u want

When it comes to Rock­et League cross plat­form play is also the norm, with play­ers on PC, Xbox, and Switch able to play in the same games. Though the price does vary between plat­forms, you can pick up the game on Ama­zon or the Xbox store and get right to play­ing with rel­a­tive ease. This is a fan­tas­tic game for those who love com­pet­i­tive play or for those who just need a new way to have fun with friends.

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Rock­et League
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